Monday, November 25, 2019

LGB Forney -- Part 2

Note from Klaus: Have your grandkids or any family member/ loved one announcing your Christmas Train and wishing you all a Merry Christmas! The ESU 4.0 and 5.0 sound decoders can be programmed and re-programmed (!) with ANY sound file you like!!

After the  1992 "New item brochure"only showed a technical drawing of the LGB Forney to come it took some time for this beautiful loco to actually enter dealer stores. It must have been between the end of 1993 and somewhere in 1994 that she became available to customers.
LGB 20251 - Courtesy of Only Trains
Featuring a smoke generator, fire box light she also sported  - just like the prototype - a water tank cap on top of the water tank. Introductory price was a low US$ 370.00 to 395.00. No LGB Forney after that would cost so little.

Introduced in the 1994 catalog and "New Items brochure", the LGB # 21251 was announced and again not delivered. It took more than a year to show in retail stores. LGB tried to make it an LGBoA "Exclusive" but with an item not ready to be delivered this intend fizzled. This  Forney wasn't even advertised in the European market. Eventually sometime between the end of 1996 and 1997 delivery began.
LGB 21251 - Courtesy of Only Trains
Price was at around US$ 400.00 featuring smoke generator and firebox light.

At the same time as the LGB 21251 was still advertised but not available LGB also started advertising the LGB# 21252 in metallic blue with (digital) sound as part of the "Queen Mary Series". Quoting :" Lehmann Patentwerk (the owners of LGB) created the "Queen Mary Series" to market locomotives and rolling stock that were painted in liveries of standard gauge railroads but where no standard gauge prototype actually existed.
The series name was chosen to commemorate the 1990 LGB Model Railroad Club convention, held aboard the ocean liner Queen Mary at Long Beach, California."

LGB 21252 Queen Mary Series - Courtesy of ebay
Also offered that year was the LGB # 20252, the 'yellow' Lake George and Boulder' Forney with digital sound. First presented in the New Item Flyer for USA in 1995 this Forney reached markets in USA in 1996 and was marked as limited available in 1997.
LGB 20252 - Courtesy of Only Trains

Before the end of the Millenium LGB offered the LGB# 23252 in 1998. The "Columbus" Forney was an extended Forney version 2-4-4 with  pilot wheels in front of the driving wheel set. LGB couldn't get Disney's approval obviously so they couldn't advertise the Forney as the Fred Gurley 2-4-4T converted Disney Forney. That would come in 2004 in the Disney Starter set # 72350. This converted Forney was advertised as the 'Christmas loco' since the "colors would fit" .
LGB 23252 - Courtesy of Only Trains

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