Thursday, March 7, 2013

NEWS From TrainCraft By Klaus

We have a new service for all LGB fans and friends:

Estate Management
Yours Truly and your 'Famous" Klaus have been asked several times in the past year to help with estates or purchases. And even though there has been very little new LGB driving stock coming to the US market on one hand we have experienced a stronger and growing supply of existing LGB stock coming from estates, a personal need to sell or change of collection/hobby. And on the other hand we have a royal follower-ship of LGB fans asking ever more often if we could get them their 'dream' LGB loco. 

So it was time to get that 'train of the ground' and put it on a platform...

To help both sides in this deal and avoid eBay and the uncertainty it brings to the untrained bidder/seller (bidding timing, understanding condition of the LGB product, ability to determine correct value of auctioned item to name a few) we offer Estate Management exclusively for LGB trains.

What you get on the Seller's Side:

  • we help you list and pre-organize your LGB items for sale
  • we take locos/cars into our workshop for examination 
  • we determine the current condition, current value and approximate realizable sales price 
  • we repair or restore the loco/car to improve sales chance and sales price upon seller's OK
  • we certify status of condition, value and production data of the LGB loco/car up for sale
  • we utilize our own database to offer and sell the LGB product
  • we do NOT use eBay. We sell through our blogs and 
  • we organize professional packing, shipping and payment 
  • we issue payment to you within 5 days of sale

Bottom line: you give us the loco, we service, valuate and sell it for you and you get the money. Done.

Brokerage fee is always individually negotiated and will range from 18 % - 22% depending on work(shop) scope and volume sold and usually covers certification, spare parts and labor. Decoders and other added accessories are negotiated separately.

What you get on the Buyer's Side:

  • an LGB loco/car that comes with a certificate issued by "Famous Klaus" stating explicitly the loco/car characteristics, condition, year built, present value, improvements made, and added accessories.
  • knowing that you get what you paid for
  • get what you want: we search for you for that hard-to-find LGB loco/car you always wanted (limited to driving stock made before 2006)
  • access to truly international LGB supply: we work with sellers in USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, France and Italy
  • no auction hassle - we do the work for you
  • feel confident with your mind at ease when purchasing a collector's LGB item 
  • we install for you state-of-the-art decoders, additional features (light, smoke, etc), getting the loco ready for instant operation. 

A brokerage fee may be applicable in extreme search cases and will be negotiated upfront.

What to do next? Look at our current top offer:

1980 Year Loco by Magnus/Hoehne exclusively hand-built for LGB # 101 of 140 made.
9-10 condition, with box, original document: Hoehne certificate; Certificate by Klaus re collector's Value and condition, completely checked and partially restored to Old Original German Hoehne/LGB Standard.
Very rare! Collector's Value US$ 5,900.00-- TrainCraft Price: US$ 4,800.00
If seller or buyer please contact us via email: klaus@traincraftbyklaus or call us at PH: 770-886-6670 (weekdays from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST).