Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Old Things and New Things ---- Do Not Fear- Klaus is Near

We have a name change. What used to be lgbtrainsforever as our blog is now available under TrainCraft By Klaus. So just go to and read on as you used to. As an LGB fan and enthusiast you will also find LGB matching items, products, electronics, and help-desk technical support on our new web page . The site is still under construction and is growing at a rather slow pace right now. Klaus and Yours Truly are taking some time off this June to refuel our mind and soul.

In case you need help in the meantime, please email us at  or at . We will get back to you - it may take a day or two. But we will do so.

Yours Truly is working on some fun Mikado (loco) stories meanwhile and will provide estimates for old, very old and even older than old  LGB Moguls. My expertise is in the field of Moguls older than 1999 and specialty LGB  locos from before 2005.

Stay cool out there, dear LGB loco operator, take your old and oldest Moguls inside with you when the temps reach 100F and above (more on that in the July blog here at this site) and as always thank you for forwarding.