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LGB Hand Cars, Flyers, Draisine

Hand cars have their own charm. The following is a quote from Wikipedia about hand cars:
handcar (also known as a pump trolleypump carjiggerKalamazoo,[1] or draisine (powered or unpowered) in many other parts of the world) is a railroad car powered by its passengers, or by people pushing the car from behind. It is mostly used as a maintenance of way or mining car, but it was also used for passenger service in some cases. A typical design consists of an arm that pivots, seesaw-like, on a base, which the passengers alternately push down and pull up to move the car. --- Handcars have been normally used by railway service personnel (also known as a Gandy dancer) for railroad inspection and maintenance. Because of their low weight and small size, they can be put on and taken off the rails at any place, allowing trains to pass. Handcars have since been replaced by self-propelled vehicles that do not require the use of manual power, instead relying on internal combustion engines or electricity to move the vehicle.
Below we try to list all handcars, motorcycles, flyers and similar, ever made by LGB. If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact us. We have a great selection of Original Old German LGB driving stock at hand.
LGB made their first handcar # 2001 in 1971! The "Riesenfreude-Katalog 1971" presented it in a black-and-white-photo and offered it for DEM 42.50, which would be the equivalent of  roughly US$ 170.00 in today's money
LGB obviously was never for those with small pockets. This little Gustav-hand car was made in 7 different color versions for the LGB number 2001 alone. In 1993/94 the same base model got the LGB# 20010 and  those were manufactured in Nuremberg/Germany until 2007. Prices vary depending on condition of those cars and demand for certain manufacturing years/color schemes and range from US$ 70.00 to US$ 120.00 (?).--The newest number for the little Gustav-Draisine is LGB # 20011 in yet another color version and are offered for 1US$ 176.00 to $ 220.00 in the new LGB 2013 catalog. Manufacturing is not in Germany.
LGB Santa hand car # 21010

It wasn't until 1993 that LGB made another little hand car, this time a Christmas/ Santa hand car LGB # 21010. They were made in Nuremberg Germany until 1998.

In 2004 and for 2005 LGB made a similar Santa hand car with the number 21013. It had a Gnomy Stainz on the car. It was made in in similar small numbers as the 21010.
LGB # 21013 from 2004/5

Demand is growing for these Santa hand cars and their collector's value is rising beyond their original sales price of  approx. US$ 140.00

LGB # 22010 Clown Hand Car
LGB continued their hand car series in 1995/96 with a Clowns Hand Car LGB # 22010. They were made until 1999 in Nuremberg/Germany.  The Clown's car features a clown with an umbrella, an artist's box and a handbag, a monkey on the box and a seal with a 'golden' ball next to the monkey. Spare parts for this car are still available, but becoming scarce. Demand is changing from high to low to high within the last 7 years and current value is around US$ 170 to $ 200.00 for mint condition. Expect rising prices.

LGB # 22020 MARS Flyer
The Clowns Hand car was followed by the MARS flyer in 1997 with LGB # 22020. It features a propeller which actually propels the little car. It was offered/made until 1999 in Nuremberg/Germany. Expect to see prices ranging anywhere between US$ 300 and 500.00 for this neat little flyer.

That same year, 1997, LGB also offered another version of the flyer, the FORTUNA-Flyer, LGB # 20020
The motor drives the propeller which actually then propels the little flyer. This time the propeller comes in red and the body is painted in blue. A pilot sits in an old-fashioned cockpit, wearing a cap. 
LGB 20020 FORTUNA Flyer
The original box included a labeling sheet. The FORTUNA Flyer is a bit pricier than the MARS flyer and sees asking prices around US$ 350.00 to $500 and more.

Please follow our 2nd part of the Draisine series report including LGB #'s 22030, 22032, 22040, 22050, 23010 and 24020 to be published here shortly.

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